Adding Your Byzz+ Connect Mail to a Mail Client

Adding Your Byzz+ Connect Mail to a Mail Client


As well as accessing your emails from the responsive webmail app online for both desktop and mobile, you can also use your emails with your PC, Mac, Tablet or mobile natively.  To setup your account on your device, please follow the instructions below. 

If your device isn't listed, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help you out.


1.     Open the Email app.

2.    If this is your first email account, tap Add Account; if not, tap More and Settings and then Add account.

3.    Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

4.    Enter your email address and password.

5.    Tap Sign in.
1.     Open the Settings app, tap Mail, tap Accounts, tap Add Account, select Exchange.

2.    Enter your email address and tap Next.

3.    Enter your password, tap Next again.

4.    Finally, tap Save.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook 2013 or higher on Windows

This is only applicable if your server administrator has not disabled EAS for Outlook. If it is disabled, please follow the guide for Outlook 2007 instead.

1.     Launch Outlook.

2.    If this is the first time you launched Outlook, it asks you to set up your account. Proceed to step 4.

3.    Go to the File menu and click Add Account.

4.    Enter your name, email address and your password. Click Next.

5.    When prompted, enter your password again, check Remember my credentials and click OK.

6.    Click the Allow button.

7.    Click Finish.
1.     Download and install Outlook CalDav Synchronizer.

2.    Launch Outlook.

3.    If this is the first time you launched Outlook, it asks you to set up your account. Proceed to step 5.

4.    Go to the File menu and click Add Account.

5.    Enter your name, email address and your password. Click Next.

6.    Click Finish.

7.    Go to the CalDav Synchronizer ribbon and click Synchronization Profiles.

8.    Click the second button at top (Add multiple profiles), select Sogo, click Ok.

9.    Click the Get IMAP/POP3 account settings button.

10.   Click Discover resources and assign to Outlook folders.

11.    In the Select Resource window that pops up, select your main calendar (usually Personal Calendar), click the ... button, assign it to Calendar, and click OK. Go to the Address Books and Tasks tabs and repeat the process accordingly. Do not assign multiple calendars, address books or task lists!

12.   Close all windows with the OK buttons.
1.     Download the following addons:

2.    To add your Cal-/CardDAV accounts go to Tools and find TbSync 3.    You can add new accounts via the CalDAV & CardDAV provider: 4.    Choose "Automatic Configuration". Use your mail address as account and username. Use your mail password as DAV password. The server URL is (specifying any protocol is not necessary, just enter the full domain).

5.    Now tick the checkbox for "Enable and synchronize this account" in the synchronization status tab: 6.    Several available resources should appear in the same window area now. Tick all checkboxes of the resources (address books and calendars) that you want to sync. Choose a synchronization period (in minutes) in the same window area before clicking on "Synchronize now". If you leave the sync at "0" it will only sync manually so choose at least 30 minutes for periodic synchronization.

7.    If you want to manually synchronize you can find this option under "Account actions" - the dropdown-menu where you added the Cal-/CardDAV account (step 2).ndows Mail

Windows 8 and higher support email, contacts and calendar via Exchange ActiveSync.

1.     Open the Mail app.

2.    If you have not previously used Mail, you can click Add Account in the main window. Proceed to step 4.

3.    Click Accounts in the sidebar on the left, then click Add Account on the far right.

4.    Select Exchange.

5.    Enter your email address and click Next.

6.    Enter your password and click Log in.

Once you have set up the Mail app, you can also use the People and Calendar apps.

Manual Configuration
























Please use "plain" as authentication mechanisms. Contrary to the assumption no passwords will be transferred plain text, as no authentication is allowed to take place without TLS.

Contacts and calendars

The default calendar (CalDAV) and contacts (CardDAV) URLs:

1.     CalDAV -

2.     CardDAV - https://

Some applications may require you to use or the full path to your calendar, which can be found and copied from within the Webmail Application.

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